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Notes From Squire Street

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Notes From Squire Street CD - Alto and C Clutes - Robin Etter-Cleave

Track Listing

  1. Black Is The Colour Of My True Love's Hair
  2. Annie’s Song
  3. Diamantina Drover
  4. Tears In Heaven
  5. Let It Be
  6. Fire and Rain
  7. Londonderry Air (Danny Boy)
  8. Moondance
  9. Fields of Athenry
  10. Time In A Bottle
  11. Canon/Streets of London
  12. The Voice Within

Pat’s Review:

You will enjoy Robin’s wonderful Musical Autobiography, where all tracks hold a special memory for her, as they may for you. The well-produced Photo Journalism on the cover and in the booklet will draw you into her space enabling you to take the journey with her. Her playing of both Alto and C Flutes is superb. I have been fortunate to hear Robin play as part of a Duo with Soul mate Brian Brett under the Gum trees at an Australian Bush Folk Music Festival, also in the band Silken Thomas at Brisbane's ever popular Irish Club. This CD is the ultimate, go on, pour yourself another glass of wine and enjoy.

Pat Hall, Brisbane Queensland Australia

Mary’s Review:

Beautiful, mellow, soothing music, by one of the best flute players I have had the good fortune to hear. This is how I would describe the first CD by Brisbane’s own Robin Etter-Cleave (she was born in Canada but we now claim her). The CD is called Notes From Squire Street, the street she grew up on.

It is a CD to put on and chill out with - pour yourself a nice glass of wine, get comfortable, close your eyes and listen as her fingers glide smoothly or dance dexterously over the keys to produce beautiful sounds.

This CD has been a long time coming for Robin but it was well worth the wait. It is a collection of songs that have influenced her and her flute playing throughout her musical career.

Mary Brettell, The Folk Rag, Brisbane

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Notes From Squire Street may be ordered by hitting the “BUY NOW” button (this is with PayPal), OR if you are living in Australia, you can send me an email – please put “Notes From Squire Street” in the subject line.  I will provide you with my bank account details and you can then deposit your payment directly into my bank account. The price for each CD is $20.00 AUD, to ANYWHERE with no postage and handling fees! Please see below for postage rates for more than one CD.  


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“I have listened to the CD with pleasure (and awe!) and it has been enjoyed by my grandsons also.”

Linda B. Brisbane

“Your album is enjoying some good airplay around tea-time as the perfect balm for the frustrations of the day. You have also made it onto my iPod.

As good as the recording is though, it is a real treat to hear you play live and a testament to your hard work.”

Ian R. Brisbane

“And what a beautiful Christmas gift it is Robin, holy cow, we listened to the cd several times, and it’s just lovely. Kudos, my friend, you did an amazing job and should be very proud of your efforts!! I had a tear in my eye a couple of times…………….”

Elizabeth T. Canada

“I'm playing your CD now and it's much better that James Galway. Really beautiful and just the thing for helping a new baby drop off to sleep. Thank you for your beautiful music.”

Sue M. Brisbane

“Your CD has been playing constantly in Lyn's sewing room. We both love it.... CONGRATULATIONS”

Phil T. Brisbane

“I’ve just listened to your CD – twice! It’s so beautiful and warm and stylish and – there just aren’t enough superlatives! And, as a bonus, all my favourite songs – are you psychic? It was lovely to have the Canon in D there as well – a bonus! You must be just so proud and pleased. Warmest congratulations – it’s a delight!”

Anne I. Brisbane

“Congratulations on your CD launch, I am so happy for you that it went so well. You have such a wonderful gift of music and bringing pleasure to us through your beautiful playing.

I have played your CD today on my way to work, was so uplifting and relaxing and played it at work too……. my friends here loved it.”

Gillian A. Brisbane

“It was great to catch up with you yesterday and hear your beautiful music. You should be very proud of the CD as we have listened to it 4 times already and just love the arrangement of the pieces. You are certainly an inspiration and we were very pleased to be part of your special day.”

Nicky & Imogen P. Brisbane

“I just want to say congratulations again on the launch on your cd! I have listened to it and it is very very good!! Very entertaining and relaxing. I feel so "de-stressed" after listening to it!!”

Germaine N. Brisbane

"Last Sunday afternoon was really great; lovely music, lovely people, lovely food.  I wanted to thank you personally, but realise you were very, very busy.

You have done a fantastic job with the CD and you should be very proud.  Congratulations!"  

Sandy & Laura G. Brisbane

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Read all about Robin's CD Launch here ...

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