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notes from squire street cover
laughter in the clay - mark davidson
Love is a Circle - Anne Infante

I have played as a studio musician on Mark Davidson’s Laughter In The Clay and on Anne Infante’s Love Is A Circle. On these CD’s I played alto flute, C flute and penny whistles and really enjoyed the experience of working with Anne and Mark. Mark also composed some music as part of a soundtrack for the documentary “New England Airways” and I played keyboard as part of the group that recorded this great number. It was cool seeing our names come up in the credits!!

I also played alto flute, C flute and keyboard on an EP that was recorded at Stiller Studio last year. The EP was put together by a fellow teacher at Good News - Richard Lewis, for his wife as a birthday present for her. What a lovely sweet gesture it was and the end result was fabulous! We also enlisted the help of a few of our students at Good News and I know that the children really enjoyed the experience of singing in the recording studio.

A few of years ago, I worked with Mark Smith (Real Productions) on the recording of a flute CD, featuring my alto flute and my C flute. Mark was terrific to work with, really knows his stuff and had the patience of a saint!  My CD is called “Notes From Squire Street”, (the street I grew on in Sackville) and an instrumental CD. I enlisted the help of my Brian and a few muso friends to back me on this album and it was a lot of fun to put together.  I wanted this CD to be a collection of songs that had an influence on me and my flute playing throughout the past 36 years. Each song except one has a history with me and brings back some great memories. The song that I guess hasn’t really influenced me is Christina Aguilera’s The Voice Within – I just really like that song and enjoy playing it. So I’m pretty happy with the tracks, although due to time constraints, I didn’t put on a couple of songs that I had intended – The Crossing by Johnny Cleg and Neil Young’s Heart of Gold. I am currently putting together a list of songs for my next CD - Notes From the Etter Ridge - and those two songs will definitely be on it! Watch this space!!

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